Simten Birsöz İnanç

International Affairs and Fund Raising Expert, YERELIZ - Local Monitoring, Research and Applications Association

Simten Birsöz İnanç served voluntarily as an External Relations and Resource Development Specialist in YERELİZ Association. She completed her undergraduate studies in International Relations and her MA in European Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Since 2006, she has been providing consultancy and mentorship to various public and non-governmental organizations in the fields of European Union and International Relations. She is currently the R&D and Fundraising Unit Supervisor within the Directorate of External Relations of Şişli Municipality. Since 2018, she has been giving “International Networks and Fundraising” training at YERELİZ Local Advocacy School. She has produced and implemented projects in changing target groups and themes on rural development, gender equality, migration, minorities, Roma, smart cities, good governance, global city agenda, city twinning, etc. with public, civil and private organizations at local, national and international level. She has been involved in developing joint projects with cities like Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Stockholm, and has strived to establish rights-based local management culture in Turkey through international agreements, awards and networks. She has been involved in publications, campaigns and lobbying activities on the localization of Sustainable Development Goals and took part in the establishment of the Sustainable Urban Development Network.


Session Name Date Time Room
Localization of SDGs in light of the New Urban Agenda 2 October 2019 14:00 - 15:30 Çamlıca