Melis Oğuz

Coordinator and Presenter, Medyascope

After graduating from Sankt Georg Austrian High School in 2001, Oğuz completed her bachelor's degrees in City and Regional Planning (2005) and Sociology (2006) at the Middle East Technical University. In 2016, she completed her PhD study on public space use and urban mobility of immigrant women under the Berlin Technical University and Istanbul Technical University Double Doctoral Protocol. Oğuz continues her full-time academic studies in the Department of Industrial Design at Beykent University. She is the coordinator and presenter of Space and People, a live broadcast discussion program on urban research and studies at Medyascope. Her research interests in urban sociology include informality, urban transformation, paratransit systems, gender, public space and green settlements.


Session Name Date Time Room
Design for all: Liveable public spaces 3 October 2019 09:00 - 10:30 Üsküdar 3