Mehmet Onur Partal

Project Director,Istanbul Development Agency

Mehmet Onur Partal possesses more than 10 years of progressive experience in public, private and international organizations, including Council of Europe, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul Development Agency.

He is currently the project director of Invest in Istanbul office run by Istanbul Development Agency and the nationwide coordinator of one-stop-shop investment support offices. He has been responsible for defining the development priorities of Istanbul, conducting co-financing processes of projects, and attracting foreign direct investment into the city.

Regarding his educational background, Partal is briefly an economist, holding a master’s degree in Economics from Syracuse University, NY. He was been presented several awards both in academic life and professional career.

Mr. Partal is fond of not only watching but also acting in soccer, basketball, table tennis, chess and theater.


Session Name Date Time Room
Unleashing the potential for local development 2 October 2019 16:00 - 17:30 Emirgan 1