Celal Abdi Güzer

Founder, CAG Architectural Workshop

Born in 1960 in Ankara, Celal Abdi Güzer received his degree architecture in 1982 from Middle East Technical University. Having studied “Criticism in Architecture” at Newcastle upon Tyne University with a scholarship he received from the British Government, Prof. Güzer completed his PhD in the same field at Middle East Technical University. Currently a lecturer on architecture criticism at the METU Department of Architecture and a fourth-year design studio manager, Prof. Güzer served as Vice President of METU Department of Architecture, Head of Department of Building Information, Vice Dean, General Secretary and President of the 1927 Association of Architects. In addition to various jury memberships in architectural design competitions, Güzer won numerous awards and honourable mentions, coming first in three of them, and many of his projects have been implemented. Among these is the METU MATPUM structure, designed and chaired by Prof. Gürer as the founder, won YEM Design Award in 2008 in the evaluation of the structures of the last five years. His research interests include Architecture Criticism as well as Recent Architectural Concepts and Applications, Housing and Mass Housing Structures, Urban Design and Urban Renovation Projects, Environmental Awareness and Sustainability in Buildings. He is the founder of CAG Architecture Workshop, which aims to create a research environment related to architecture and design and to produce projects.


Session Name Date Time Room
What globalization means for urban space 3 October 2019 09:00 - 10:30 Emirgan 1